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HS295 Mobility Scooter

Our Baby and Top Seller, Ideal for shopping malls and nursing homes, dismantles into four main parts.


Mobility Scooter
HS-295 4 Wheel Compact Mobility Scooter


HS-295 Mobility Scooter 4-wheel Ideal for shopping malls and nursing homes.
It dismantles into four main parts and comes with an automatic park brake. Our Baby and top seller!

The HS295 is designed for Portability and disassembles into four main components, therefore making transporting
the mobility scooter easier.

In addition, it comes with a Charger cord, a Removable armrest and 2 x 12-volt 12-amp Batteries.

If you are shopping for a great and reliable compact 4-wheel Mobility Scooter
Wheelchairs on the Run is our top seller on scooters.

The CTM HS-295 mobility scooter is a compact scooter that is easy to assemble, store and transport
with an automatic park brake and internal Charger.

18” Padded and adjustable seat swivels to the side, making it easier To get on or off your mobility scooter.

The HS295 mobility scooter 4- Wheel has a great turning radius, and it is durable,
A long-lasting scooter that does not need to have its batteries often replaced
like most power scooters on the market.

Features a comfortable, lightweight, and rotating seat which swivels 360° for easy transfers
on and off the Scooter, equipped with stylish black puncture-proof tyres.

The new easy-grip steering system allows you to turn and steer easily
can be used left or right-handed

A removable seat, easy tiller adjustment and an integral lifting handle make it easy for transportation

The HS-295 stylish frame splits into two main pieces and further splits into three smaller pieces
for effortless lifting.

The Battery box is the heaviest to load, with a weight of 10.4kg

Above all, the HS295 Mobility Scooter 4-wheel can provide you
with everything you need for simple,
independent convenience at excellent value.

Features: HS295 Mobility Scooter 4-wheel

Easy Steering
Neutral free wheel and Drive lever

The new easy-grip steering system
the red lever allows you to disengage
easy to turn and steer
the motors to freewheel and push the Scooter
can be used for Left or Right-handed


Economy 4 Wheel mobility Scooter
Break Apart for Easy Transport
Front basket for storage
Hooter and speed control tortoise and rabbit
Can be used for left or right hand
Padded Folding swivel Seat 17’’ Inch
Flip-up armrests for easy access
1 Piece Battery Pack for Ease of Handling
2x 12Amp batteries
On board charger – plug and charge
1-year carry in guarantee
Travel Range 12km approx
Weight Capacity 120kg

Colours: Candy Red or Ice Blue

Technical Specifications HS-295

Overall: L X 102 cm W x 50 cm H x 87 cm
Wheels: Front 195mm / 8”x 2 Solid
Wheels: Rear 195mm /8”x 2 Solid
Weight w/o Batteries 36.52kg
Max Speed 8kph
Weight Capacity 120kg
Ground Clearance 7cm
Grade Climbable 8 °
Turning Radius 1270mm
Automatic Park Brake
Seat Type Padded Foldable Swivel 360 degree
Seat Width 17.”
Motor Size 250w,
Battery Size 12v 12ah_(x2)
Battery Weight 10.4kg
Charger: 2Amp Charger
Travel Range Up to 12km

Weight with batteries 46.92 kg

Boxed: L X106 WX53 HX57 GROSS WEIGHT 46KG

In Conclusion, I want to remind you! Your mobility scooter is your legs.
To maintain your mobility scooter, you must service your Scooter
at least once a year to keep it in good mint condition

Do not try to fix or replace any Mobility scooter part if you don’t feel comfortable doing it.
Make plans to have your mobility scooter serviced once a year!
Service and Repairs – Wheelchairs on the Run


Weight 46.92 kg
Dimensions 102 × 55 × 87 cm
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