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WOR Mini Patient Lifter


The WOR Mini Patient Lifter is lightweight. This folding hoist can be vertically stored away when not used or taken on travels.

The spreading leg Lever design facilitates simple use of this hoist in domestic environments while easily
folding it for transportation and storage.

With its lightweight, manageable frame, you’ll find the WOR Mini Patient Lifter easy to move into position,
while it will also offer a lower lifting position from the floor.

It features a high lifting range and an impressive safe working load to lend maximum flexibility to the user.

The control box includes an emergency stop and descent function and an acoustic low battery alarm for
extra reassurance.

This Mini Patient Lifter is easy to maintain and has an ergonomic, user-friendly handset
featuring patient-lifting symbols for easy identification.

The buttons are also recessed, which dramatically reduces the chance of unintended operation
if the handset has dropped.

Patient hoists are also suitable for larger patients, those recovering from operations or other treatments,
and disabled patients.

Features and Specifications WOR Mini Patient Lifter

Compact design
Made in France
Easy manoeuvrability in small spaces and through doorways
Can be vertically stored away when not in use
The electrically operated hoist has manual pedals,
enabling the chassis legs to be opened quickly and wheeled around a chair or through a doorway.
Reliable electric motor system (Made in Germany)
On / Off-board charging system
Low clearance, easy access underneath beds
Charger holder
Colour-coded brake castors
A comprehensive range of slings is available
Lifting range 64 – 170cm
Chassis length 89cm
(overall) Chassis width 56cm
(internal)Chassis width 45 – 79cm
Chassis height 9cm
Weight capacity 150kg

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 89 × 56 × 64 cm
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