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WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair

MK2 Rigid Wheelchair

Our WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair is a lightweight, rigid wheelchair weighing less than 8kg of loading weight. Custom built for your needs and specs


WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair is a lightweight, Rigid Wheelchair

WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair is a lightweight, Rigid Wheelchair is weighing less than 8kg of loading weight. custom built for your needs and specs at Wheelchairs on the Run

it is fully accustomed and built to your needs and specifications without compromising on weight or quality. Complete the package with a wide variety of colours and design options to suit your style above all making you feel great!

You won’t have difficulty in asking for help or assistance to help you load Our WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair as a slim tube and open frame design on our Wor MK2 Rigid Wheelchair makes it easy on the eye and even easier to load into a vehicle, therefore The modern single tube design allows ease of passing the wheelchair over your lap in the motor car.

With hundreds of options and adjustments, you can truly customize Our WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair to suit you in every aspect of your life.

   Specifications WOR MK2 Rigid Wheelchair

  • Fully adjustable: Seat angle, rear seat height, front seat height, backrest height, backrest angle, footplate height and angle
  • Multiple front frame hanger angles90, 95 or 100 degrees
  • Castor angle adjustment: Innovative taper lock system, allowing ease of adjustment and infinite adjustment to ensure a perfect ride.
  • Framework: Imported Ultra High strength steel.
  • Castors: European imported lightweight 4, 5 & 6” available. Aluminum, wide and light up also available
  • One Piece frame: to ensure rigidity and easy propulsion.
  • Castor Stem: High strength steel allowing use of a thinner stem and smaller, lighter precision bearings.
  • Brakes: Offering a traditional push to lock and a modern scissor lock. Both are composite mouldings using the latest Glass filled Nylons from Germany. Light weight and easy use brakes.
  • Castor Fork: Internal bearing system, composite moulding which will absorb the sharp edge of daily bumps.
  • Axle adjustment plate: Composite moulding allowing a modern 3-dimensional design. High Strength moulded component will also absorb shock.
  • Backrest Tension adjustable /Optima upholstery with easy breath fabric.
  • 26 Frame colours


Do not try to fix or replace any wheelchair part if you don’t feel comfortable doing it.
Make plans to have the wheelchair serviced once a year!
Service and Repairs – Wheelchairs on the Run

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