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A Few Gestures on Choosing Mobility Equipment

The worst thing about old age is you feel like your independence slowly fades away with time and you always need to be dependent on someone else to get things done or to do things that wouldn’t have even bothered you not so long ago.

Wheelchairs on the Run offers innovative and superior quality mobility aids for elders as well as people with disabilities, which include Electric Wheelchairs. Mobility Scooters, Manual Wheelchairs, walking accessories and bathroom aids.

Quality mobility accessories are a perfect solution for elders who can still walk but need a little assistance in the form of extra support. It is imperative to discuss about the mobility problems with a healthcare professional so that you can find appropriate care that is required to keep your loved one active and prevent falls and injuries.

  • Manual wheelchairs that are propelled by you, or someone that helps push you. The advantage of these chairs is they are generally cheaper, lighter weight and easier to transport. However, using the chair may require a certain amount of arm strength and endurance to meet your daily mobility needs.
  • Power wheelchairs/ Electric Wheelchairs that are controlled through a joystick or alternate control device such those controlled through your head, finger, or mouth and have many seating options including power seating that allows you to raise, lower and recline the seat.
  • Mobility Scooters three- or 4- wheeled for people that have trouble walking. They are controlled by a tiller and lever

Deciding to use a wheelchair or scooter can be an emotional decision and many people are reluctant to even think about it. However, if a lack of mobility is preventing you from doing the things you enjoy then you should, consider using equipment that helps you with your mobility

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