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Payment and Financing Options

Medical Aid

Wheelchairs On The Run are contracted to all medical aids, and all our products are registered, and quality assured by the medical aids.

For us to assist you correctly a benefit enquiry will need to be done prior to any claims being submitted to your medical aid. Kindly click on the link below and complete the necessary fields.

If you require us to submit the claim directly make sure to upload the required supporting documents (ID Copy etc.). We will then be able to assist you in obtaining benefit information and/or funds from your Medical Scheme.

Please take note of the following:

  • If a second quote is required for the claim, Wheelchairs On The Run is NOT responsible to contact any other company.
  • Any other paperwork required by your medical scheme must be received via Email or hand delivered to our offices.
  • Wheelchairs On The Run cannot guarantee authorization or payment from your scheme.
  • Without full payment (Including delivery – which cannot be claimed from your Medical Scheme), we will not supply any products.
  • Payment of the account will ultimately remain your responsibility. We cannot be held accountable for non-payment from your Medical Scheme.
  • If any funds are paid to the client for claims processed with Wheelchairs On The Run, the client or main member has 7 working days from date of payment to pay the funds over to us. Failure to do so will give us enough leverage to reverse all claims with your Medical Scheme.
  • The client will be responsible to pay any outstanding amounts with their medical aid.
Please feel free to contact us for further payment and financing options via email: sally@wheelchairsontherun.co.za

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