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Wheelchairs on the Run, Roll with us! Blog.

Welcome to the Wheelchairs on the Run, Roll with us! Blog.

We will be posting weekly Blogs as a platform to introduce issues and topics.

These range from challenges surrounding mobility and wheelchair use to how the various mobility equipment and assistive devices

can enhance the everyday quality of life of those using them.

The blog platform is for all members of our Wheelchairs on the Run community, and we would welcome your feedback and input on the topics we raise here, as well as your ideas for issues that you face in everyday life.

I am Ian Kern-Martin, and I will write the Blog weekly.

I am a journalist and Psychology Honors graduate and have Cerebral Palsy myself.

Because of this, I use a wheelchair on a full-time basis.

Of course, I have purchased my wheelchair from Wheelchairs on the Run! Being in a wheelchair makes me acutely aware of the challenges associated with wheelchair and assistive device use, which includes issues relating to accessibility in public places.

I also use my wheelchair for various leisure activities, including playing tennis.

I endeavor to lead a whole and productive life despite my physical limitations, and I am hopeful that this Blog will help showcase some of the leisure activities that are options for people with physical challenges.

I would also like to highlight the various organizations, non-profit and otherwise, that assist people with mobility and activities of daily living. We welcome you to the Blog and look forward to hearing from you!

Wheelchairs on the Run Blog
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