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Bellavita Motorized Bathlift 

Bath Lift Mid Lift
Bath Lift Mid Lift

The Bellavita Motorized Bathlift is light and compact. Easily separates into two pieces for storage and travelling—tool-free setup.

Original price was: R13,972.50.Current price is: R10,999.00.

The  Bellavita Motorized Bathlift is light and compact. Easily separates into
Two pieces for storage and travelling. Tool-free setup.

Our  Bathlift weighs only 9.3 kg and fits into most sized baths.

Plug the hand control into the Bathlift and raise and lower yourself effortlessly and safely every time.

Quick-release suckers attach the Bathlift to the bath allowing safe use, and are easily removable.

The Bellavita is the lightest bath lift on the market, weighing only 9.3kg, and can take up to
a weight capacity of 140kg

Our Bathlift allows safe and comfortable bathing for everyone.

Features  Bellavita Motorized Bathlift

Sanitary cut out
Ergonomically designed seat and backrest 
Early warning for low battery
No assembly required
Reclining backrest
Max Weight Capacity:140kg 
Max length (back reclined): 83 cm
Seat width 35 cm
Seat dep 42 cm
Min sitting height: 6 cm
Max sitting height: 48 cm
Backrest recline: 10-50 degree
Battery: 12v 1.3ah
Charge time 4 hours

What is a bath lift?

When faced with the issue of daily bathing and hygiene, for people with a disability or the elderly,
it can cause distress and discomfort due to a lack of independence and privacy.

As a result of this, many people choose to invest in a bath lift for their homes.

Wheelchairs on the Run’s  Bellavita Bathlift is a simple seat fitted securely into the bath.

When the bath lift raises into an upright position, it becomes level with the top of the tub;
the person using it can safely sit in the bath lift.
They will then move their feet and legs into the water-filled tub.
The next step is to lower the seat into the bath and enjoy the independence of bathing alone.

The benefits of a bath lift:

· The main benefit of installing a bath lift into your home is that it provides both convenience and
independence to elderly or disabled users.

· A bath lift is easily operated through a handheld remote so that any caregiver or family member
can safely be moved in and out of the bath.

· Not only is it a supportive and comfortable seat, but the main safety feature is that the
bath lift will not start if there is insufficient power to move the person into it.

· The  Bellavita bath lift is cost-effective

· It is easily dismantled for storage and transport and meets
the latest European safety standards.

Bellavita Bath Lift – YouTube

Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 75 cm
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