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Hambi 2 in 1 Rollator


The HAMBI 2 IN Rollator allows the user to walk with the Rollator and sit down to rest when needed.

With swing-away footrests allowing the walker to be used as a transit chair.

The Hambi 2-in-1 Rollator include ergonomic handles and loop-handled brakes with a park setting.

It has a built-in seat, a padded backrest, and a handy shopping bag with a shoulder strap.

An easy folding mechanism for storage and transportation.
The handle height can be adjusted easily, and the built-in high visibility reflectors make using the Rollator at night safer.


2 in 1 Rollator is designed as a walking aid and transportation purpose.
It is manufactured under high medical standards. Adding an extra side armrest lets you rest your arms and feel more comfortable.
All-Terrain wheels and Convenient Design Four 8-inch PVC wheels are suitable for driving on most flat surfaces.

A storage nylon zippered bag for your personal belongings and a cane holder for a crutch or umbrella. Feel free to go shopping or walk outside.

Foldable & Adjustable Compact Design The walker is highly adjustable. The handle can be adjusted from 33”-38.2”, fitting people from 5’ to 5’6”.

You will need to stoop a bit if you are taller than the said height.

The foldable walker makes it easy to transport in almost any car trunk.

Safe & Durable The dual braking system on both rear wheels offers safety and control for you when riding. The dual brake locking system on both brakes offers extra safety when you intend to hold the walker firmly still.
Manufactured with Anodized Aluminium.

The main frame is highly durable, and the walker can hold up to 100kg user while weighing only 11kg.



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