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HS-580 Mobility Scooter




HS-580 Mobility Scooter combines style with smooth and quiet operation and has the power, range and stability needed for outdoor use

CTM HS-580 is a luxurious 4-wheel mobility scooter that combines style and great features by Wheelchairs on the Run.

CTM HS-580 is a luxurious 4-wheel mobility scooter
Wheelchairs on the Run are the Ultimate in style and rugged durability.

Therefore, the HS-580 Mobility Heavy duty scooter gives the luxury of not only support and power
but also reliable for incredible outdoor use, ideal for rough terrain

It comes with an 18 Inch headrest swivel seat that slides forwards and backwards
with flip-up armrest, review mirror and headlight.

The HS-580, which holds up to 135 kg in weight, is ideal for Bariatric or Heavy-Duty user

The HS580 can go up to 8 kmph while lasting as long as, nearly 30 kilometres of drive time before needing a charge,
so you are given the luxury of not only support and power
but also reliability!

Technical Specifications HS580 mobility scooter.

Curb Climbing 50 mm
Turning Radius 1520 mm
Overall Length 128 cm
Overall Height 111 cm
Overall Width 61 cm
Brake automatic
Seat Width 18 inches
Wheels: Front 260 mm
Wheels: Rear 260 mm
Motor Size 500W 3400r.p.m
Weight w/ Batteries 9 kg
Battery Size (2) 12V. 36Ah
Speed 8 kmph
Battery Weight 94 kg
Weight Capacity 135 kg 
Travel Range 30 km
Ground Clearance 40 mm
Battery Charger 5A Off Board
Grade Climbable 12 degree
Electronics: On/Off Key Switch, Battery Level Indicator, Speed Control Knob

Do not try to fix or replace any Mobility scooter part if you don’t feel comfortable doing it.
Make plans to have your mobility scooter serviced once a year!
Service and Repairs – Wheelchairs on the Run


Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 145 × 64 × 66 cm
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