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Roho Quadtro High Profile

The Roho Quadtro High Profile Air cushions height of 10.25cm allows for more
immersion in the wheelchair cushion, providing pressure relief where needed


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The Roho Quadtro High Profile Air cushions height of 10.25cm provides for more
immersion in the wheelchair cushion, providing pressure relief where needed

ROHO wheelchair seat cushions aid in pressure relief where needed.

ROHO’s unique design allows the seat cushion to adjust to a client’s body movement constantly

The adjustment and conformity of the cells accommodate and meet the one-of-a-kind skin integrity needs
for each client throughout the day.

The Roho Quadtro High Profile cushion provides better pressure care when compared
to the Low-Profile cushion due to the cushion height of 10.25cm,
which allows for more immersion in the wheelchair cushion.

Isoflo Memory Control Valve

The Isoflo Memory Control Valve controls the airflow in the Quadtro High Profile Air Cushion in two ways.

The green valve allows air to flow between quadrants, and the
red valve prevents airflow between the quadrants.

This valve is sensitive and should never be used to move the cushion between the surfaces.

This valve controls the amount of air in the High Profile Quadtro Select Cushion.
Turn the valve anti-clockwise to loosen it and add air to the cushion using the supplied pump.

Once pumped to the desired pressure, turn the valve clockwise to close it and prevent air from leaking out
of the wheelchair cushion.

Then use the Isoflo Memory Control Valve to get the correct pressure in each quadrant.

Specs on the Roho Quadtro High Profile

Stability: The Roho QUADTRO Air Cushion has a push button (ISOFLO VALVE)
which locks the air into each of the 4 quadrants.

Positioning: The Roho QUADTRO High Profile Air Cushion allows for quick, simple position selection for every wheelchair user
while seated. By pushing the knob to the open position, you can adjust the client’s posture
to the desired sitting position.
By pressing the knob to the closed position, you can maintain the desired sitting posture
for maximum function

Skin Protection: our patented ROHO DRY FLOATATION technology provides unparalleled performance in
facilitating blood flow by fitting, matching, and tracking the shape of a person

Convenience: the postural adjustments are easier done while the user is seated,
eliminating the need for transfer on and off the chair during the evaluation process.
In addition, the QUADTRO Cushion allows the user to change their position selectively
throughout the day as their activity demands.

Adjustable: Fits specific seating needs and unique body shapes.

Lightweight: At only 1.7kg 16 inches, there is no other lightweight cushion that assists
such high levels of skin protection

Ventilated: Separated air cells allow air circulation to reach the surface of the skin and provide
a cooling environment

Available in 10″ to 24″ Seat Width and Seat Depth
10.8cm (4.25″) Cell Height
Supplied with cover, pump, and emergency repair kit
Washable cushion and cover
Made from flame-resistant neoprene (no Latex)
It can be repaired and patched to prolong the life
Width Cushion:10″ – 24″
Depth Cushion:10″ – 24″
Height Cushion:10.25cm (4.25″)
Max Weight:(needs to aid correct size cushion)
Product Weight:1.6kg
Cushion Immersion:8cm

The ROHO High-Profile Air Cushion weighs 1.59kg and assists those unable to shift their weight independently.

The ROHO Low-Profile Air Cushion weighs only 1.25kg, and it maximises stability while reducing the risk of potential tissue breakdown.


How to Properly Inflate a ROHO Cushion

Please see attached Video


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