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Shower Bench Bariatric with Transfer


Shower Bench Bariatric with Transfer has a reinforced frame, six legs, and a cross brace supporting legs inside
the tub with a maximum weight of 205kg.

Shower Bench Bariatric with Transfer has a reinforced frame with six legs and a cross brace supporting legs inside
the tub, with maximum support for larger patients’ max weight of 205kg.

The Heavy-Duty Shower Bench is suitable for bariatric users. It provides easy and safe access
and a stable seating area for bathing and showering.
Sometimes entering and exiting the bathtub can be difficult. With a bariatric transfer bench, therefore
the bathing experience is improved.

The highly durable transfer benches have a wider seat and higher overall weight capacity to suit larger patients.

Bariatric tub transfer benches are constructed of more robust materials to accommodate higher weight
capacities than standard transfer benches.

Bariatric transfer benches, like other transfer benches,
come in various models, including shower chairs and sliding boards.

Heavy-duty tub transfer benches can support higher weight capacities and ensure that
they can safely hold the weight capacity they specify.

Allows users to enter and exit tubs safely with height-adjustable legs to accommodate most tub wall heights
the transfer bench has non-slip suction cup feet that grip the tub floor for added safety, while the heavy-duty
side arm provides extra stability and leverage.

A total of 6 legs and cross brace supporting legs inside the tub provides maximum support for larger patients.
Material: Plastic
You can reverse the back seat quickly without tools.

Specifications for Bariatric Transfer Shower Bench

Aluminium Frame
Suction Cups ferrules for stability
Seat Height – 41-53cm
Max Load – 205 Kg
NW/GW KGS – 14/16
Packaging – 55x14x86cm

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 55 × 14 × 86 cm
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