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Zamba Knee Walker


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The Zamba Knee Walker is a heavy-duty knee Scooter with Double Brakes supporting injured leg placed on knee pad, max user weight 136kg.

The Zamba Knee Walker is a heavy-duty walker with Double Brakes. It is designed for easy steering
and manoeuvrability and folds for easy storage and transport.

The Knee Scooter is a safer alternative to crutches providing a comfortable, highly portable,
and manoeuvrable mode of transportation with stability and energy efficiency over a small footprint.

The Zamba Knee Walker Specifications:

Weight capacity:136kg
Height min:84cm 
Height max:97cm 
Width Pad:18cm 
Depth Pad:36cm 
Height Pad:48 – 56cm
Weight unit:10kg

It is also suitable for people recovering from any foot-related injury or condition.

The large 20 cm wheels to roll easily over uneven terrain and can easily be manoeuvred in tight spaces.

features tool-free adjustments, a brake for added safety and comfortable padded knee rest.

  • Ideal for persons recovering from any foot-related surgery, injury, or conditions.
  • Leg pad with channel provides stability and comfort
  • Sturdy dual frame
  • Tiller can be folded
  • Tool-free height adjustment
  • Dual hand brakes for added safety

The most common advice medical professionals offer after a broken foot, ankle sprain, or knee injury ,is to keep the injured area elevated and rest as much.

For many of us, staying off our feet isn’t an option: there are household tasks to perform, routine duties at the workplace and other daily chores that require us to remain mobile.

There was a time when solutions to this problem were uncomfortable medical boots or, worse, slow, and cumbersome crutches.

Thankfully, with the aid of knee scooters/knee walkers, you can stay active and productive throughout the day with ease.                   



Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 69 × 47 × 27 cm
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