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C Power Standing Wheelchair

The C Motorized Standing Wheelchair is a Powerchair with a difference. With the simple flick of a switch from sitting to standing position


The C Power Standing Wheelchair is a Motorized Power chair with a difference,
With the simple flick of a switch from sitting to standing position

Available in 16″ and 18″ seat widths with an adjustable seat depth from 18 to 20″.

there is an adjustable strap located across your chest, a seat belt across your lap,
an adjustable knee support wedge, and a leg strap. These adjustable straps ensure
you remain in the chair and do not fall out while standing.
The wheelchair itself is designed to be fall-proof and provides amazing balance.
Additionally, when you are in the standing position,
the front anti-tip casters provide extra stability

Standing Power/ Electric Wheelchairs are designed for both comfort and durability as well as being economical
alternatives to more costly products.
Standing wheelchairs offer many health benefits
such as kidney and bladder functioning correctly.

Specs C Power Standing Wheelchair

16″ and 18″ seat widths
Silver frame
Left- or right-hand drive.
Toggle switch activates the motorized stand function.
Knee supports and pelvic straps secure you safely to the wheelchair.
Maximum User Weight:120kg
Loading Weight:98kg
Total Wheelchair Weight:98kg
Overall Wheelchair Length:97cm
Height of Seat 59cm
Width of Seat 16″ / 18″ Inches
Depth of Seat 18″ / 20″ Inches
Backrest Height:47.5cm
Lift: Not Available
Tilt: Not Available
Recline: Not Available
Battery Type:2x 36amp
Battery Range: Maximum Speed

Our Stand-Up Powerchair offers many health benefits previously unavailable to those in a normal wheelchair. By extending the body into a standing position, this will promote good circulation, allows for optimal kidney and bladder function, furthermore it will improve muscle tone.

Standing can also help to prevent bone decalcification and will help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

In addition to its health benefits, our Stand-Up looks and feels great!

Bottom Line, our Stand-up Wheelchairs will take you right where you need to be great around the kitchen and access to all shelves.

The controller is interchangeable to suit left or right-handed

Do not try to fix or replace any wheelchair part if you don’t feel comfortable doing it.
Make plans to have your electric/Power serviced once a year!
Service and Repairs – Wheelchairs on the Run


Weight 98 kg
Dimensions 97 × 60 × 87 cm
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