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Migo 2G Rollator


The Migo 2G Rollator with push Handles up to 100cm is ideal for the taller user with a Max Weight of 130kg.
It comes with a wire basket, plastic tray and walking stick holder.

With the classic, now even more flexible Dual Function brake for braking and Parking.
Height adjustable handles ensure the user maintains the correct posture while using the aid.
The anatomically shaped non-slip hand grips provide an easy and comfortable way
to use the Migo Rollator indoors and out.

The Migo 2G Rollator walker has an easy folding mechanism allowing the walker to fold flat for storage or transportation on a day out.
The walker also offers a perching seat, allowing people to sit down when out and about.
Lock the brakes and take a seat!

It comes with a handy wire basket that is easily removed when folding, a tray made of impact-resistant plastic,
and a standard crutch/walking stick holder.
The 50mm Wide wheels with closed rims allow manoeuvrability over tar and are easy to clean.

Highlights Migo 2G Rollator

Extended push handles, now up to 100 cm high
Tool-free mounting of the cane holder
50 mm-wide wheels with closed rims for ease of cleaning
The Rollator can be used indoors and outdoors.
Dual-function brake (for braking and Parking)
Easy to transport – ideal for trips.
Hanging basket and tray easy to install
Anatomically shaped, non-slip hand grips
Protection against folding through the engaged seat
Max. a load of basket and tray 5 kg each
Supplied as standard with basket, tray, and cane holder.

Technical Specs Migo

Overall width 58 cm
length Overall 61 cm
Handle height 80 - 100 cm
width Seat 36 cm
depth Seat 23.5 cm
height Seat 60 cm
Width between handles 44,5 cm
Width between rear wheels 43 cm

Width Folded 58 cm
Height Folded 74 cm
Length Folded 23 cmTotal weight 9.1 kg
Weight without accessories 8.3 kg
Max. Load 130 kg
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