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Ulises Evo Stroller

Ulises Evo Stroller
ULISES Evo Stroller is a Kiddies Stroller designed for special needs children, it folds for easy transportation and storage.



ULISES Evo Stroller is a Kiddies Stroller designed for special needs children, folds for easy transportation
and storage.

The ULISES Evo stroller offers a uniquely durable design, complete with belts and an integrated support system.

The Ulises Evo Stroller is a simple, light stroller with adjustable seat depth and backrest recline angle
for a more comfortable sitting position.

The stroller is small and light enough to fit into most car boots yet can be adapted to
provide moderate stability and support.
An adjustable push -handle to add to the stroller’s overall manoeuvrability.



ULISES Evo is a stroller designed to help transport children with the following conditions:

• Cerebral palsy – different types;
• Autism;
• After suffering from a traumatic brain or spine injury with spinal cord damage with paresis and paralysis;
• Brain and spinal cord damage of different aetiology with limb paresis, severe balance and coordination disorder;
• Demyelinating disease (children's multiple sclerosis)
• Meningomyelocele defect;
• Muscle disease with paresis and paralysis;
• Genetic syndromes with limb paresis;
• Rheumatic diseases;
• Other diseases with paresis, paralysis, or movement disorders.


• 5 Point safety belt
• Adjustable footrest with 2-point stabilising belts
• Front PU swivel wheels
• Rear inflatable wheels with central brake
• Angle adjustable backrest recline.
• Height adjustable push handles
• BodyPrint seat© belt system adjusting the tension of the seat upholstery and backrest.
• Adjustable height and angle of the footrest
• Adjustable seat depth
• Headrest


A variety of available equipment and a wide range of easy adjustments make ULISES
one of the best special needs strollers

Available in 5 different sizes and colours and upgrade options like a rain cover and tray.

 ULISES TRAY Optional Ulises Evo Stroller

A tray provides an accessible surface, close to the child, to participate in various activities.
It is made from ABS thermoformable material, making it durable and easy to clean.


The Folding Canopy for the stroller protects against both sun and rain. The canopy has a transparent section at the top so that you
can always have an eye on what your child is during and ensure that they are safe and sound.

Load Weight
Maximum User
Back Height

Info to consider when ordering a wheelchair for a child

It is best to order a child’s wheelchair, considering the individual needs for proper fitment and postural support;
we advise taking measurements before ordering online.

for example, an appropriate Kiddies/ child manual wheelchair can assist in opening-up,
a new world for the user, from exclusion to inclusion, participation in all societal activities,
sports, and recreation, which all lead to independence, better health,
and improved quality of life for your child.

Above all, it is imperative to book an assessment for a child or kiddie’s wheelchair
by an Occupational Therapist or us to
determine the wheelchair best suited to your child’s individual needs!

Our Cushions are sold as a separate product as there is a wide variety of options available,
please see our cushions on products
to suit your child’s pressure care and comfort needs.

Do not try to fix or replace any wheelchair part if you do not feel comfortable doing it.
Make plans to have the wheelchair serviced once a year!
Service and Repairs – Wheelchairs on the Run

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