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Mobility scooters are for people who are mobile enough to operate a vehicle but cannot walk long distances because of disability or a health issue.

Decreased mobility, whether due to age or illness, can make daily activities much harder. You need to forgo them entirely or get help from others to do things like shopping, getting to appointments, or simply meeting up with friends.

Mobility Scooters, from Compact, easy to fold and load in your car boot to driving on all terrain.

We at Wheelchairs on the Run sell a range of Mobility Scooters to suit your lifestyle.

Our HS-295 Is our top seller, Ideal for shopping malls and nursing homes.
It dismantles into four main parts and comes with an automatic park brake.

All Our Mobility Equipment comes with a Year’s Warranty.

You also don’t need a licence to operate them.

However, you must be physically able to operate your mobility scooter safely. Hence, it’s worth discussing with your occupational therapist or GP the skills you’ll need to use one safely.

They need to be serviced once a year.

You may find trips out more pleasant as you experience less fatigue and pain from walking even short distances.

You can even take your mobility scooter on holidays with you

With Wheelchairs on the Run, we are your one-stop for all your mobility needs.

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